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Sunset in Puerto Banus

If in another post we told you about the 6 essential things to visit and do in Puerto Banus, in today’s article we will tell you all about the sunset in Puerto Banus and the best places to see it.

The sunset is one of the most impressive and beautiful moments you can enjoy on the Costa del Sol. Slowly the sun begins to descend behind the mountains, the warm golden tones of the sky are reflected in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, creating an unforgettable image. Not to mention the silhouette of the yachts and sailboats moored in front of the pier and the palm trees that surround the area adding a tropical touch to the scene.

Best places to watch the Sunset in Puerto Banus

If you are looking for the best places to enjoy this magical event, here are some options:

Nueva Andalucía Beach:

With a wide stretch of fine golden sand, Nueva Andalucía beach is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Puerto Banús as you walk along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

The pier of Puerto Banús:

One of the most popular spots in Puerto Banús, the pier is a perfect place to watch the sunset. From here you can see the luxury yachts moored at the marina and the mountains in the background, so don’t forget your camera!

Los Naranjos Golf Club:

If you are a golf lover, this golf club is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. From the terrace of the restaurant you can appreciate the panoramic views of the golf course bathed in the orange tones of the sunset. They also have an exceptional wine cellar so you can enjoy the best wine at the perfect moment.


For those looking for a more exclusive experience, some of the port’s restaurants and bars offer terraces with privileged views of the sunset. From these terraces you can enjoy the last rays of the sun while sipping a glass of wine or sampling some of the exquisite local cuisine.

From our restaurant, Lalala Brasserie, located in the heart of Puerto Banús, we offer you a unique experience to enjoy the sunset in all its splendour. With panoramic views of the harbour and the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy an exquisite dinner and watch the sun go down behind the horizon.

We recommend booking in advance to ensure you have a table on the terrace at the right time for sunset. It’s the perfect moment to toast with your loved ones – don’t forget your camera to capture this precious memory!

All in all, the Puerto Banús sunset is a breathtaking natural spectacle not to be missed if you visit Marbella. Whether it’s on the beach, on the pier, at a golf club or at an exclusive restaurant, make sure you find the perfect spot for you to enjoy this marvelous sight.

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